84-2618 m2

Rent: 21,00 - 23,50 EUR/sqm + VAT

Skylight is located in the heart of Warsaw, near the Central Station and the shopping center "Golden Terraces". This location allows excellent access to public transport such as the metro, bus or tram. In the neighborhood there are numerous restaurants, cafes, hotels and plenty of public space utilities. Standard building and the area includes .: air conditioning, ventilation, smoke detectors, opening windows, partition walls, carpeting, access control, security, reception and others. Layout area allows for flexible arrangement office.

Leasing Conditions:

Rent: 21,00 - 23,50 EUR/sqm + VAT
Service charges: 23,00 PLN/sqm + VAT
Parking Spaces: 180 EUR/sqm + VAT
Add-on factor: 10,06%


Kancelaria Brochocki
(22) 826-14-14