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Rent: 24,00 EUR/sqm + VAT

Liberty Corner is one of the most prestigious office buildings in Warsaw, is located near Trzech Krzyży Square. It is a building qualified for grade A and has been awarded numerous prizes. It is characterized by high-class fixtures. Standard building and the area includes : air conditioning, ventilation, smoke detectors, opening windows, partitions, carpeting, access control, security, reception and others. Layout area allows for flexible arrangement office.

Available office space from 200sqm.

Leasing Conditions:

Rent: 24,00 EUR/sqm + VAT
Service charges: 28,00 PLN/sqm + VAT
Parking Spaces: 200 EUR/sqm + VAT
Add-on factor: 7,35%


Kancelaria Brochocki
(22) 826-14-14